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Dedicated to the creative spirit.

"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it
living someone else’s life."

~ Steve Jobs

a Light

Illuminating Creative Brands for a Big, Bright, Profitable Online Impact

I see you, Creative!
You are...

😟 hesitant to admit you "yearn to earn" from your talents

😣 living a “starving artist" existence when you long to thrive creatively and financially

😖 frustrated, feeling too talented to remain being unrecognized, uncompensated or under-compensated for your creativity

😔 dreaming of showcasing your creative projects online where they can be seen, appreciated and sold

😫 overwhelmed by the technology to get your creative business online

🤔 unsure about how to implement a marketing strategy

🫤 aware you should be marketing online but dislike doing it

😔 too busy making to market what you create

😩 tired of wasting energy, time and money on ideas and schemes that don't bring the recognition you crave for your creativity


Imagine instead if,

as a creative/maker, you...

😍 undeniably and unapologetically practiced the creative pursuits that light you up
🤑 regularly generated robust income from using your talent
😎 were recognized as the talented, valuable artist you are
🤩 could boast an attractive and rich-featured website proudly showcasing and monetizing your talents
🤓 possessed enough technical know-how to competently promote your creative online business
😁 knew what to say about your creative business, and where and how to say it
😘 built - and actually enjoyed interacting with - your online community of enthusiastic followers
😂 had the physical support you need to be able to focus more on your creativity - rather than on distracting and time-consuming marketing details
😊 felt like you were actually marketing with purpose and direction, spending your time, energy and money prudently and effectively.


I help creatives/makers get your 
talents and creations noticed and sold online
so you can stop creating in obscurity and realize your dreams
of enjoying a rewarding, authentic, profitable, artistically-centered life.

Don't let your creative dreams pass you by!
It's time to take action and invest in your creative future!

Why work with me to fulfill your creative dreams?

Stop imagining!


Let's work together to
Shine a Light 
on your personal creative brand so you can
make, earn and thrive
like you've always dreamed!

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