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Reveal Your Business’ Story!

One of the most daunting tasks for a business owner is expressing what they do in words…

No matter how talented, creative and all-around fantastic they are at doing their job, stating it - and especially writing it - too often stops them in their tracks. That makes marketing efforts - where they announce their awesomeness to the world - fall flat. About Pages go unwritten; marketing copy sounds bland and generic. Opportunities to connect with people are lost - and with them, potential business.

I believe the problem is more fundamental than, “not being good with words,” or “feeling uncomfortable writing about myself.” Many business owners suffer from an unawareness of their own story - those elements that make them special, unique and memorable in the marketplace… they haven’t yet discovered and claimed their business’ story.

That’s why I’ve designed this webinar - Reveal Your Business’ Story - Discover & Claim What Makes Your Business Special, Unique & Appealing... to help business owners dig deep, discover and really claim the true, authentic story that expresses who they are, what they do, why they do it and why people want to work with them.

Storytelling is a powerful form of communication that helps humans relate to one another and create bonds between them. It's truly one of our most human traits - the urge to connect through story.

Knowing and sharing your business' story is the foundational step to marketing with clarity, confidence and authenticity. When a business owns and shares its story, it’s clear on its value and how it can best serve its clientele. At its heart, that’s the purpose of marketing… compelling storytelling that reveals the true nature of a business.


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