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Rubbing Elbows with Creative Superheros

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

What follows is a love letter to my favorite people: Creatives and Makers…

This past weekend I attended Markets for Makers in Chicago, an assemblage of ninety or so booths of unique Creators and Makers displaying and selling their handcrafted creations. I attended as a lifelong appreciator of (and dabbler in) various handicrafts. To be in the presence of others who share that “maker spark” nourishes my soul. To see the amazing fruits of their talent and passion was a truly stirring experience. But even better than basking in the creative vibe and feasting my eyes (and nose and taste buds) upon their creations, was chatting with an assortment of the Makers themselves.

These folks, as far as I’m concerned, are living the dream: Earning income doing what they love while contributing to the elevation (or re-elevation) of all things handmade, artisanal and mindfully crafted. I can honestly imagine no better or higher calling than what they’re doing in their lives. Superheroes, indeed. I want to see these saviors of humankind to not just make a living by creating and making, but to THRIVE while doing it! That’s why my business, Shine a Light Marketing, is dedicated to supporting the marketing efforts of Creators and Makers.

I struck up brief conversations with some of these artisans, to learn if - and how - their online presence serves their businesses. They work so hard at these events and their enthusiasm for their creations and for their customers bubbles forth in this live arena. I know that if their web presence exuded as personal, welcoming and dynamic a feel as these live events, they would increase their sales greatly. Also, I think they’d genuinely appreciate the “luxury” of making more sales when they’re not on the road, schlepping merchandise and setting up and tearing down displays.

Thanks for all you do to keep the fires of creativity burning!

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