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The Modern (Human) Face of Online Marketing

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

In my recent travels across, through and around the internet, I stumbled upon an article that characterizes marketing in precisely the same way I do - as a relationship between seller and customer. It makes a distinction between a traditional marketer and what it refers to as a marketeer.

A marketer, states the article, operates in the traditional salesy manner; targeting and enticing as many buyers as possible. A marketeer's motive, by contrast, is to build a relationship with potential customers which extends beyond a simple transaction. A marketeer nurtures a sense of familiarity, kinship, trust with their community of potential - and existing customers. This relationship surrounds the entire brand, encompassing every aspect of the company - the offerings, the brand, the people, the customer care, the buying experience - and THAT is the product.

Marketeering is a highly people-centric manner in which to present your offerings; its appeal is just that. Modern consumers are bored and wary of traditional marketing practices. Marketeering is fresh, authentic and a highly appealing means to engage and be engaged around a brand. The approach takes such elements as the customer's opinions, preferences and desires into consideration not only when presenting something for sale, but in the very creation of it in the first place. It flips the retail tables; instead of the brand saying, "Here is our offering - come and get it!" it says, "We have listened to what you want - here it is." This is such a powerful shift in the selling/buying transaction. It is the buyers who are in the proverbial driver's seat. It's an empowering - and very motivating - place to be.

I love the concept of marketeering over marketing because it's so much more elegant and social. When marketing online, we may not be physically face to face with our community, but we have the opportunity to get to know them - and them us - to a much greater extent. People are not machines; they make decisions based on their human emotions, thoughts, opinions and beliefs. Appealing to those makes a sales transaction natural and authentic rather than forced and artificial. And if you know anything about me, you know I'm all about natural and authentic!

In the spirit of this "new" word for my deepest-held feelings about marketing, I'm extending an offer to those who are interested in learning more about the art of marketeering: Become a Shine a Light Marketeer! Join my marketeer email list and you'll receive helpful, valuable online marketing tips, surveys, news about my offerings (and an email-only online marketing course planned for later this year) directly to your inbox.

I look forward to welcoming you as a Shine a Light Marketeer!


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