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The Story of Your Business

as a Christmas Tree - Part IV

In the spirit of the season, I’ve put together a visual representation of the layers that combine to create the story of your business with a Christmas Tree theme. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing one branch at a time as we ascend through the ever-more-descriptive levels of content that make up the entirety of your business’ story. How far up the “tree” does your business’ story go? How can it reach greater heights of personality and authenticity to pique customers' interest?

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We began revealing our tree from the bottom branches where the information - like the decorations - blend in with the tree itself and isn't very informative or interesting. They might include your business name and tagline, your name and title, where you can be reached and your hours of operation. Next came a layer of broad details which helped distinguish the business by adding a little color and flair. As our tree grows ever taller and more beautiful, we added another level containing information about your expertise and includes descriptions of your experience, talent and skills which helps customers feel more confident about working with you.

Today's branches disclose your professional goals - the things that you want your business to ultimately achieve. Your goals express the hopes you have for your business' impact like it's influence and reach into the world - the difference it might make for the people it serves. Professional goals also include the money your business intends to make and its overall success in implementing its objectives. This is a powerful message to share - it proclaims some deeper truths about the purpose behind your business; it's more than a random income-earning operation - it is a thoughtful, intentional organization with a very particular purpose for existing.

As an entrepreneur, this level of your story is scratching at the soul of your business: your BIG WHY. This is the point when customers will begin to see your business as a living, breathing entity - a vehicle for empowering you to make an impact in your industry, on the lives of the people who work with and for you, and in the community and the world at large. This part of your story can be eloquently told through blogging - written content that delves deeper into your motivation for being the business owner you are. It puts a human face on your business and helps others to understand why your professional existence matters.

As we near the tree's top, we close in on your business' own unique truths - those details that make your business a one-of-a-kind entity - and one people want to interact with!


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