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The Story of Your Business

as a Christmas Tree - Part VI

In the spirit of the season, I’ve put together a visual representation of the layers that combine to create the story of your business with a Christmas Tree theme. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing one branch at a time as we ascend through the ever-more-descriptive levels of content that make up the entirety of your business’ story. How far up the “tree” does your business’ story go? How can it reach greater heights of personality and authenticity to pique customers' interest and establish likability and trust?

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We began revealing our tree from the bottom branches where the information - like the decorations - blend in with the tree itself and isn't very informative or interesting. As we've progressed upward, the story of your business becomes more fleshed out and "pointed" - more unique to your particular business. These upper branches rise up to paint the picture of the ever-deepening levels of your experience, expertise, inspiration, determination and personality - all the elements that describe the details that set your business apart.

Today we're at the top branch... this level contains the deeper values that lie beneath your business' WHY. What purpose and meaning do you attribute to your business? What parts of your life's motivation does your business fulfill? Granted, this is a deep thing to consider but when you're able to connect the dots and can articulate the ways your business matters in the scheme of your life - it will plug directly into the soul of your ideal customers and shine like a beacon. THAT story resonates and makes people feel connected to you in a profound way. When people feel that level of familiarity with you, things like your pricing, experience or even convenience matter far less because they are working with YOU - not an anonomyous, run-of-the mill business. And they know, admire and trust the YOU they choose to work with!

You may wonder what the top branch of your business looks like... Coming in early 2024, I'm offering a solution to the confusion you may feel about your business' upper branches. Stay tuned for details about how I can help you unearth the story of your business so you can promote it with absolute authenticity and personality that attracts!

We're at the top branch, but this tree isn't complete yet...


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