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The Story of Your Business

as a Christmas Tree - Part VIII (This Story Concludes)

In the spirit of the season, I have put together a visual representation of the layers that combine to create the story of your business with a Christmas Tree theme. Over the past few days, I shared one branch at a time as we ascended through the ever-more-descriptive levels of content that make up the entirety of your business’ story.

We began revealing our tree at the bottom branches where the information displayed - like the decorations - blend in with the tree itself and isn't very informative or interesting. As we've progressed upward, the story of your business becomes more fleshed-out and "pointed" - more unique to your particular business. Upper branches rise up to paint the picture of the ever-deepening levels of your experience, expertise, inspiration, determination and personality - all the elements that describe the details that set your business apart. At the top branch, your business' motivation and purpose is revealed - the parts of your business that reflect your deeply-held values and resonate with your ideal customers. Finally, the tree's decor culminates in the star on top which glows brilliantly because it's shining your business' authenticity, authority and legacy into the world.

The tree is now complete in all its glory - with the gifts brought about by a compelling business story... brand recognition, trust, customer loyalty - and on-point messaging that resonates with your ideal customers.

Follow along on the tree's journey to completion - I made it into a nifty slideshow:

I know it can be difficult to tell your own business' story. We often can't see the things that make us shine without external perspective. I'd love to help craft your business' story in the coming year so you can share its personality and purpose with customers eager to work with you.

I invite you to join my email list so you can learn more about this exciting opportunity to unearth, claim and proclaim your business’ story coming early in 2024.


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