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When Blogs Collide

As I embrace and promote my commitment to storytelling as a means of marketing one's business, it occurs to me that I should put my proverbial money where my mouth is and share my own storytelling journey so as to demonstrate what I've learned about the power of putting words to the stories that live within us.

I've been blogging since 2007, a magical time in history when technology had made it possible to write for the "masses" (or at least had the potential to reach a readership that surpassed the scope of one's immediate friends and family). Of course I had no delusions that my blog would attract a huge readership, but the chance existed that maybe - just maybe - I could connect with someone who would appreciate my thoughts and the "way with words" I'd always been told I had (and I did - you know who you are, KW!).

If you'd like to check out my humble blog origins, my original blog, Upside Down Cats is still out there, though it's definitely showing its age by the looks of it.

The very best things about blogging for me, however, is the motivation it provides for me to actually write. I've described what I most love to write as "narrative nonfiction" or simply essays. Writing - channeling my thoughts and ideas through the part of my brain that constructs story - has proven to be a powerful tool for helping me gain clarity on overwhelming events or thoughts. It has led to greater self-awareness, confidence and willingness to expose vulnerability. Through story, I've healed, gained understanding and learned volumes about myself. That's the incredible power of storytelling through my eyes and my experience with it.

The latest incarnation of my blog is at Once a Time a Time - read its origin story and what's with the unusual name.

The process of discovering one's own story out of seemingly random occurrences is a breathtakingly beautiful, birth-like experience. I liken it to weaving individual strands into a magnificent cloth. Sometimes it's the size of a handkerchief; other times the story could cover the earth herself. No matter the size, it has power to convey a truth that will resonate with others as authentic, human and compelling.

If you would like to be able to tell the world about your business with confidence, enthusiasm and that personal touch that a good story conveys, my webinar,

Reveal Your Business' Story

Discover & Claim What Makes Your Business Special, Unique & Appealing

is for you! It's coming up on November 15. Come spend 90 minutes doing some fun and insightful exercises that will help you clear the debris that's concealing your business' story. Your future marketing efforts will thank you for it!


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