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Who am I?

Kind of an existential question for a Friday evening, huh?

I've been revamping some ideas and honing my own business' story lately (keeping my own house in order, as they say).

Please allow me to introduce - or reintroduce - myself to you...

I’m Gina Blitstein, founder, creative visionary and chief storyteller of Shine a Light Marketing. I help creatives define and refine their authentic story with engaging copy so they can resonate with their potential clients. I build the tech involved with getting their business online with website, email marketing and social media - and coach them so they’re comfortable using it - so they can spread the word about their offerings without the confusion and overwhelm and be free to do the work they were born to and love to do.

I'm dedicated to helping creatives make their mark in and on the world because I truly believe that it's their gifts that are needed to shine a light to dispel despair, disconnection and disillusionment, bringing about healing and hope for us all.

I'd love to help you craft your business' story so it can make the impact you want it to in the world!


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