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Win an Online Presence Assessment and Action Plan!

Does the following scenario sound familiar with regard to your online business?

It seems like you have all the pieces to promote your products and/or services online... So why are you getting so little traffic, engagement, and sales?

There’s obviously something missing…

I can tell you as a marketer, even with all the individual pieces in place, successful marketing doesn’t happen automatically. It doesn’t happen by accident. It doesn’t happen randomly.

A web presence that works to promote your business is SO MUCH MORE than a simply a website and a social media account!

An effective web presence is an organized, coordinated, activated plan that gets your business in front of people who are interested, engaged and motivated to buy what you’re selling.

You may not be able to see what’s missing from your online presence yourself. You can’t experience your web presence like a visitor in order to notice what's missing or not working optimally…

But I can.

A fresh pair of eyes can see what you don’t or can’t because you’re just too close to it.

I’m offering the benefit of my experience to comb through and assess your web presence and let you know what’s working and what could use improvement.

And I’ll put it all together in an action plan, customized specifically to your business.

This is easily a $300 value but throughout the month of August, you have a chance to WIN an Online Presence Assessment & Action Plan.

To be entered to win couldn’t be simpler - just download one of my quizzes or marketing guides (below). That’s it!

These are available right now, with more guides being prettied-up as we speak and will be coming out later in the month:


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