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New offering!

I'm proud to announce that within the coming months, I'll be enhancing my existing marketing programs with the benefit of a copywriting component to help define and refine your marketing message! Please read the details below and expect to hear more about this exciting - and long overdue - addition to my offerings.


Copywriting Storytelling

Shine a Light on Your Story


Expressing myself via the written word is my superpower - always has been.


What can I say… words are my jam.


I love weaving a story with words as my “yarn.” Whether it’s a report or a product description; an essay or a biography… I can make it interesting, accessible, engaging and informative.


I’m also an experienced copywriter whose writing on business topics has been syndicated nationwide since 2010. I’ve written website copy for clients for over a decade. Suffice it to say, words are squarely in my wheelhouse.

I recognize as a “word nerd” that I’m different than many people who find it difficult, uncomfortable or downright boring writing annnn-neee-thing at all. It’s a chore, a pain in the rear and something they avoid at all costs (and there are significant costs to not communicating their story to the world). No matter how much they love what they do, no matter how good they are at it - putting their story into written words approaches nightmare territory. And for many I know, even though they are perfectly fine wordsmiths, they find writing about themselves to be an excruciating exercise. Additionally, it’s often difficult for them to acknowledge that which makes them extraordinary - and even if they do see it, they’re uncomfortable claiming it. 


I, however, have no problem telling the world how fabulous someone is! It hurts my heart when these factors put the kibosh on what could be an engaging, inspiring bit of reading. All that talent - all that humanity - all that personality - going unexpressed… It's a darned shame! I mean, how are people going to find them, get to know and appreciate them, and choose to do business with them if they remain an anonymous entity? 


I want your experience to be different. I don’t want you and your creative talents to be overlooked and fail to land upon those who will instantly resonate with you. I want your authentic persona shining through in all your written messaging so people have the opportunity to relate to your appealing traits, qualities, quirks… (In most cases, it’s not your price, your convenience, or even your experience that impels people to do business with you - it’s the fact that they like and trust YOU!)

The fact is (and no matter how much A.I. wants you to believe otherwise), the human touch in crafting a message is critical - we are hard-wired for connection where computer programs are not. We are filled with nuance and humor and empathy - traits only humans can genuinely convey through the written word.


Let’s work together to craft your written story and weave it throughout your marketing materials so your messaging is clear, consistent and reflects your personality, values and unique talents!

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