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    The Thriving Creative

    Let's chat about your marketing needs!

    Are you:

    • tired of being unrecognized for your creativity?

    • sick of living as a “starving artist?

    • dreaming of showcasing your creative projects online where they can be seen,  appreciated and sold?

    • overwhelmed by the technology necessary to promote online?

    • unsure about how to implement a promotion strategy?

    • aware you should be promoting online but dislike doing it?

    • too busy making to promote what you create?

    Imagine instead if,

    as a Creative/Maker, you...

    • are recognized as the artist you are

    • enjoy a robust, creatively thriving life

    • have a feature-rich website for admirers to learn about your creative pursuits and purchase from you

    • know how to execute promotional tasks with ease

    • have confidence to promote your creative endeavors like a "natural"

    • built - and actually enjoy interacting with - your online community of enthusiastic followers

    • have the support you need to focus more on your creativity than on distracting promotional details

    Have you fallen into the trap of believing only the left side of this statement?

    It's a lie! You CAN profitably thrive as a creative!

    stone slab

    Imagine no more!

    I know all this is possible

    because I was like you...

    a Creative with a dream of making a living engaging in my creative endeavors

    who didn't have the tools or know-how to break through

    the confusing  process of promoting my creative efforts online

    to get noticed and earn money from pursuing them.

    I was scared, uncertain and overwhelmed

    at the prospect of "going for it."

    There were so many questions!

    How do I even get started?

    How - and where - do I find people who will

    notice, appreciate - and buy - my art?

    How do I communicate with potential customers?

    What should I say and where should I say it? name just a few!

    I remember all too well that hollow-in-the-chest feeling

    that time was slipping by;

    that I was doomed to live a small, workaday life

    that didn't include my big dream of selling my creations online


    ...and it broke my heart.


    That frustration is precisely what led me

    to create a solution to this problem,
    so other creatives could have

    an easier way to step into their

    life's purpose and earn income

    pursuing their unique

    talents and abilities.


    The marketing techniques I'd been using 

    for more than a decade

    were the key to it all. 

    These skills can empower creatives to

    selling the fruits of their talents

    and help them to - finally - enjoy a profitable career that

    aligns with their passion.

      Introducing... the solution



      a program to transform your creative pursuits
      into a passion-centered,
      profitable online business

      Let's chat about your marketing needs!

      Promote your creative endeavors

      online where they can be appreciated

      by your ideal audience


      • with little or no existing technical knowledge

      • even though you know nothing about marketing strategy

      • while not being pushy, manipulative or "salesy"

      • never compromising your artistic integrity

      • without wasting time or money guessing how to a devise and implement an effective,professional grade marketing action plan

        The Thriving Creative program includes these mission-critical,
        set-you-up-for-success features:



        A basic website/landing page build (or refresh), Go from no online presence (or a "meh" one) to an online "home" showcasing your products and/or services beautifully, telling their story to the world. You get a completely done-for-you website (no learning new programs, spending hours putting all the pieces together and guessing about best practices). 

        Professional copywriting to tell your creative business' life story clearly and persuasively, and with words that will have search engines sit up and take notice. There's no need to spend the time to find the right words - I've got them for you!

        An optimized-for-engagement social media account - Do you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn to engage with people who appreciate your creative pursuits? You should! I'll make sure you're set up with a social media account that will build community around your creative endeavors.

        A customized email marketing account with distribution list management - Be CAN-Spam compliant and embrace the power of email to connect and communicate with an audience of people who have expressed interest in what you do. I'll make that happen and show you how to grow your all-important contact (a.k.a prospects) list.

        An original, educational handbook to guide you through the technology and processes - I know you're new to this and could use a handy reference resource. I've got your back! I've put together a guidebook so that you'll be able to look up the answers to any questions that crop up during the program independently.


        Implementation, Coaching & Support


        Online marketing crash-course to lift the "veil of mystery" around online marketing - You need know nothing about marketing - I'll teach you what you need to know to start "thinking like a marketer," with clarity, purpose and confidence.

        A personalized marketing needs-assessment with an action plan - I'll take a detailed look at your particular business, any existing technology you're using and strategies you've implemented, then put together a comprehensive report to inform and guide your marketing efforts forward.

        A mid-point strategy consultation to plot the course of future marketing efforts - We're on a mission, so it's important to assess our progress and plan future strategy according to what's working and what needs adjustment for optimal results.

        Social media administration + real time coaching to teach you best practices for interaction and engagement with your audience - Pick a social media channel and I'll demonstrate smart practices for using it to communicate with and build a loyal following. I'll teach you how to use it, too, for six months, so you'll have the power to post content as you wish.

        Events/news posted to website + real time coaching to teach you how to do it yourself - I'll post timely content to your website to keep it updated and fresh. I'll teach you how, too, so you can devise and feel comfortable updating content whenever you wish.

        Once-per-month email distribution + coaching on creating attractive, effective marketing emails - I'll create a once-monthly newsletter so you can keep in personal contact with your email community, share news, events and information about your business. I'll show you how to make them yourself and how to learn more about your audience so you can send them content they really want.

        A strategy roadmap/summary of the journey to your creative online business - I summarize the whole process at the end of the project so you'll clearly see how far you've come from a distant dream to a real creative business utilizing your creativity. Then I make recommendations so you can keep the momentum and earning growing into the future.

        Marketing resources galore! I've curated and created so much marketing intel and wisdom throughout my career and I LOVE to share it all with you to enlighten and inspire your marketing efforts. You'll get lifetime access to an ever-growing file of marketing gold!           


        Six months of marketing support will start off a creatively transformative year on the right foot!

        Let's chat about your marketing needs!

        As if that wasn't enough...

        Bonus Time!


        To make this a deal there's NO WAY you can pass up, I'm offering some juicy bonuses sure to help you decide to invest in yourself and your creativity! 


        For saying YES to your dream of expressing your creativity while earning from it, you'll receive these EXTRA BENEFITS:

        Image by Manasvita S


        My original CONTENT MANAGEMENT CALENDAR & BRAINSTORM GUIDE to Online Marketing Content - so you’ll never be at a loss for words or interesting topics as you interact with your new and growing online community! 

        Happy Friends


        FREE ENROLLMENT FOR LIFE at ALL my future online marketing trainings/webinars, + a bring-a-friend-for-free voucher to each. Once your in my community, we remain a continuing resource & source of support for your marketing efforts.



        A standing invitation to REGULAR COMMUNITY VIRTUAL MEETUPS where you can ask questions and get feedback from Gina & other Creatives/Makers who are navigating the same waters & also striving to serve their customers the best they can.


        Enroll no later than within 24 hours of our chat and I'll gift you whichever of these extras sounds most helpful to you:

        • business name + tagline brainstorming session

        • consultation/assistance with your logo creation

        • brainstorming session to identify your ideal clients

        Any of these services will round out your marketing package, putting a cherry on the top and tying everything together in a purposeful, well-considered online marketing implementation.

        Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 3.06.43 PM.png

        Let's chat about your marketing needs!

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