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Wake Up Your Social Media!

a program to

propel your social media from

sleepy and sluggish

to awake and aware!

Let's chat to learn if this program is for you!

Social media is the vehicle that transports your website content to the world... 

IF it’s active...

You know you should be posting more and better content on social media…

Yet your account languishes because you


  • Don’t want to

  • Don’t like to

  • Can’t spare the time

  • Don’t have the patience

  • Don’t know what to say


So it doesn’t get done and no one hears about what you have to offer…


What a shame!


Wouldn’t you rather feel like you’re…

  • On the right platform(s)

  • Understanding what you’re doing, why, and how to do it effectively

  • Posting interesting content

  • Using social media with a plan

  • Growing and engaging with an online community

  • Maintaining a consistent online presence

Image by Laura Chouette


It's time to shake it up and 


Let's chat to learn if this program is for you!

Sounds like you need to...


Wake Up Your

Social Media!


Go from sleepy and sluggish

to awake and aware!


A 6-week online program energizes your languishing social media and helps you manage it in a calmer, professional, more effective manner.


We meet once a week via Zoom for a lesson, worksheet and discussion.


In this program, you’ll learn…


Week 1

Assessment of your current social media status

Overview of social media and how it can benefit your business


Week 2

Choosing the right social media platform for you and your business


Week 3

Determining your message - what and how to express yourself, how often & to whom


Week 4

We delve into my Content Management Calendar & Brainstorm Guide and discover how it can help you get across your message consistently in an organized, mindful manner


Week 5

Design & implementation of a social media campaign


Week 6

Social media analytics

Progress assessment

Wake Up Your Social Media begins on October 16! It's time you got energized and organized in social media!

Let's chat to learn if this program is for you!

Gain knowledge and confidence to tackle your social media so you can reap the benefits of a more consistent online presence without feeling overwhelmed or uncertain!


You'll learn

  • authenticity

  • ease

  • how to provide value

Let's chat about your marketing needs!

As if all that wasn't enough...

Bonus Time!


To make this program an opportunity there's NO WAY you can pass up,

I'm offering some juicy bonuses sure to help you decide to

wake up your social media once and for all! 




A downloadable copy of my original MARKETING MINDSET MANIFESTO that explains my marketing philosophy and provides a generous number of actions you can implement to engage more deeply with your audience.



FREE ENROLLMENT FOR LIFE at ALL my future online marketing trainings/webinars, + a bring-a-friend-for-free voucher to each. Once your in my community, we remain a continuing resource & source of support for your marketing efforts.



A standing invitation to REGULAR COMMUNITY VIRTUAL MEETUPS where you can ask questions and get feedback from Gina & other Creatives/Makers who are navigating the same waters & also striving to serve their customers the best they can.


Enroll no later than within 24 hours of our chat and I'll gift you a


personalized, one-on-one session to flesh-out your

Content Management Calendar & Brainstorm Guide

(included in this program)

Intended as a DIY resource, I'll meet with you

to fill out three complete months of your guide so you'll

know exactly what you're going to say online, how, where and why!

Let's chat to learn if this program is for you!

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