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What is a Website?


This may seem like a basic, almost silly question but I think it’s important to define a website beyond simply “a place to find information.” By that definition, a website is nothing more than a book; yet it’s so much more than that! Rather than being a static, self-contained thing, a website is a living, breathing repository of data on a certain topic (as long as it is frequently updated with fresh, accurate content). 

Why does a small business need a website?

A website provides an online “home base” where customers can learn about a business, its offerings and, in the case of an e-commerce (electronic commerce) website, make purchases. A business without a website in this day and age (or a site that is obviously dated and in need of a refresh) is automatically considered to be behind the times, unsuccessful or not very legitimate - none of which make a good impression on customers. There’s little more powerful than a website as a promotional tool for any kind of business.

Even if a business is of the “brick and mortar” variety, it’s prudent to have a website where customers - and potential customers - can find the location, hours of operation and contact information as well as details that can inform and entice them to patronize one business over the competition. 

Why is it important that a small business website

is fresh and appealing?


A website, especially for a small business, is like an employee because it:

Jewelry Store

represents the business

displays what is for sale

tells customers about what is for sale

directs customers throughout the store

rings up sales


And because a website performs these crucial functions

for a business, it should:

look sharp, reflecting the business’ “vibe” 

keep the offerings tidy and organized

help navigate customers to what they want

provide the latest, accurate information about what's for sale

follow through with sales

In short, an optimized business website is one that shows a business in its best light. It can represent it as up-to-date, relevant and ready and able to help customers get what they need. It can also help define a business’ character which helps customers know and trust working with it. When properly executed, a website can raise a business’ reputation, making it a popular choice among customers.

Is your website in need of a refresh?


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☀️ appropriate placement of your desired images throughout website
☀️ strategic action plan to enhance website performance into the future

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