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Shine a Light Marketing
Main Course




a program

to transform your creative pursuits
into a passion-centered,

profitable online business


Are you a creative person trapped in an unfulfilling, workaday existence?

Do you secretly - or not so secretly - dream to make a living

doing what lights you up and gives your life meaning?

There's a path to get you there. Come take the first step!

3-Month Boost

Small Plate Special

Online Marketing


Hesitant to begin online marketing?

Are your online efforts stalled?

Hoping to grow your business' scope of influence?

Work directly with Gina

to lose the confusion, overwhelm and avoidance,

and set a course toward clarity, comfort and confidence in your marketing efforts.


Shine a Light Marketing
a la Carte Services

A la Carte Services Menu
website/landing page 

Regardless of where you sell your goods and services, a website is a critical part of your overall marketing. In fact, I consider a business' website to be the ultimate online destination for a business. It's the first place prospective customers will search for information - what you sell, where you're located, your hours of operation - as well as get the opportunity to experience your particular "vibe." Indeed, a website, in essence, is the online representation of your business. Customers rely so heavily on information they can get from a website, without one - or with a less-than-impressive one, they'll be left with the impression that your business isn't very legitimate.

An outdated website is almost as bad as having none at all. A fresh, dynamic website ensures that customers will be left with the impression that your business is welcoming, booming and desirable to shop at.

Another option for some businesses is a landing page - a one-page, one purpose website. If your business has just one offering or a very specific something to promote, a landing page could be just the solution to getting your business in front of people online.

I'd love the opportunity to discuss your website or landing page needs

and recommend the best solution for your business.


Book a convenient time to chat on my calendar!

Website/landing page

A business' email list is among its most valuable marketing assets. Think about it - those on your list have indicated an interest in hearing from you. So don't let them down! Bring news of what your business is up to right to their inbox!

There's more to sending business emails, however, than just hitting "Send" with a bunch of names in the "To" field. In fact, you can get into some trouble with a couple government agencies and be branded a spammer if you don't follow some guidelines they've established in the CAN-SPAM Act. Fortunately, there are tools to use when sending bulk emails that ensure compliance and that your emails look attractive and perform their intended purpose with a high level of success.

Sending emails to your customers and those who've opted-in to hearing from you is an extremely effective way to drive traffic to your website, where customers can make valuable buying decisions.

I'd be happy to discuss how implementing an active email marketing plan

can connect you with more customers!


Book a convenient time to chat on my calendar!

Email marketing
Distribution List Administration
Pencil and notepad
distribution list

There's a lot more to your email list than just getting more subscribers to opt-in to receiving your emails. A considerable amount of of strategy goes into sending the right messages to the right person. When an email lands in the right inbox, it is highly likely to make a positive impression on the recipient and lead to greater engagement, clicks on your digital content and sales.

I'm excited to tell you more about the targeted way you can communicate with customers - and potential customers - by managing your email distribution list!


Book a convenient time to chat on my calendar!

Website Copywriting/Blogging
website copywriting
& blogging

While it's incredibly important, it's surprisingly difficult to put words to what you do. Most people are simply too close to their work to write about it so that someone unfamiliar with it can understand and appreciate it. And let's face it, if you don't tell people what you do in a clear, concise and compelling way, they won't engage with your business and its offerings.

Do you struggle with the common problem of not knowing what to say about your business or how to say it? This is an area in which my years as a writer and blogger can be of service! Copywriting is my forte. I can write about your business in a professional and approachable manner, in a way that comes across as authentically YOU.

Need product or service descriptions put into words? No worries - I write those too. I can bring your products and offerings to life in rich, compelling detail that will entice your customers to make purchases.

Establishing a business blog is yet another step toward creating a professional persona and establishing your identity as a leader in your field. It's a place to share resources, information and your opinions on topics related to your professional field and your industry in general. It's also a friendly way to begin and  keep conversations with your community going. I'm a strong proponent of communication and I believe there's no more authentic or effective tool in your marketing toolbox than the ongoing communication between you and your customers (and potential customers).

I look forward to consulting with you on your copywriting/blogging needs

so you can more effectively communicate with your business' community!

Book a convenient time to chat on my calendar!

Social Media Administration
Social Marketing Icon
social media

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like) are powerful online tools to help your business get noticed. They're not (and should not), however, be your business' only online presence. They serve as a communication vehicle to drive traffic to your website. They are places to build a community that knows, likes and trusts you enough to go to your website, peruse your offerings, read your blog and discover how they can do business with you. In this way, a website and social media are partners in spreading your online message.

Social media is a never-ending stream of flowing information, whereas a website is a destination where information can be archived and searched for as long as it exists. Social media's purpose is to alert people to content that's located elsewhere. That's why optimizing your social media presence is so important to your overall online marketing strategy. It's all well and good to post on social media, but it should ideally lead people to a path toward engagement with you and your business.

Rather than random posts, it smart strategy to have a social media plan of action so results can be anticipated and measured. That's another advantage of online marketing - you can gauge and adjust your actions for greater impact.

Let's discuss how to supercharge your social media practices to do their job of

dispersing your online message effectively and building community around your business!

Book a convenient time to chat on my calendar!

Online Marketing Support
personalized ongoing
online marketing support suites

The above services are the components of online marketing. I can help you implement or enhance any and all of them individually. If, however, you'd rather delegate some or all of your business' online marketing services, I will happily set up a personalized ongoing support package that I will implement on your behalf. Choose the areas you'd like me to take on for you and I'll send you a detailed support proposal for your approval that takes into account your marketing goals.

I'm ready, willing and able to take marketing duties off your plate!

Let me know what you'd like me to do for you!

Book a convenient time to chat on my calendar!

Tasty Free Samples

Tasty FREE Samples

FREE Informative
Online Marketing Webinars

Curious about online marketing? My casual, informative webinars cover a variety of topics pertaining to online business promotion and marketing.

They're given in a live Zoom presentation and recorded so even if you can't participate live, you can catch the recording.

FREE 7-Point
Online Marketing Tune-up

Already marketing your business but feel sluggish or stuck?

Clear the gunk and gain clarity around your online marketing!


This FREE consultation will inform, inspire and set you on a path to more effective online marketing.

FREE 30-Minute Online Marketing Prescription

When your online marketing isn't up to par, your business suffers. I'll prescribe a solution in the form of an action plan to implement that will supercharge your marketing efforts moving forward and help your business get noticed, grow an online community and gain more customers.

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