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3-Month Boost

Marketing your online business got you down?

Overwhelmed by too many questions about marketing?

Unsure about how to move forward with your marketing?

Your online marketing needs a boost!

You're a maker, not a marketer -
no wonder marketing is difficult for you!


You need some knowledgeable, experienced help to set your business' marketing on the right course. It's Shine a Light Marketing to your rescue!

I offer a 3-month coaching program to guide you away from confusion, overwhelm and avoidance, toward clarity, comfort and direction in your marketing efforts. It's the boost your marketing needs and your business deserves!


Learn the whats, whens and whys of more effective marketing as they pertain to your unique business. 


Online Marketing Boost

Partner with me for 3 months to gain insight about marketing your business, gain clarity on what needs to be done (and how to do it) and make and follow an implementation plan that will get your business noticed.

$97/month for 3 months


You’ll receive:

  • A personalized 3-month marketing blueprint - I assess your existing marketing tools and strategy (if any) and put together an action plan to implement over the course of three months.

  • Three one-on-one 30-minute strategy sessions with Gina - We'll get together over zoom once each month to check in on your progress. I'll answer your questions, coach/train you on strategy and techniques and help hone your marketing instincts.

  • Access to my informative and inspiring Shine a Light Marketing guides - I offer a wealth of marketing information to my clients to inform and inspire their marketing efforts. As a client of this program, you'll have access to this ever-growing library of guides.

  • A personalized "What's Next?" guide to help you continue on your marketing journey beyond our three months of working together - Would I just leave you without a plan? Of course not! Based on our progress, I'll provide you with a marketing roadmap so you can build on your success into the future.

Let's chat on Zoom about how I can help you take control over your marketing, get noticed on the big ol' internet, build a community around your business and gain customers. If you decide this program is for you, you can enroll on the spot.

Book a convenient time to chat on my calendar!
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