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Enroll no later than within 24 hours of our chat and I'll gift you a

personalized, one-on-one session to flesh-out your

Content Management Calendar & Brainstorm Guide

(included in this program)

Intended as a DIY resource, I'll meet with you

to fill out three complete months of your guide so you'll

know exactly what you're going to say online, how, where and why!

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Let's claim & proclaim your business' story!

Are you:


  • Struggling to stand out from the crowd?

  • At a loss for what to say about your business?

  • Feeling unclear about your business’ marketing messaging?

  • Wondering if people understand exactly what you do?

  • Wanting your business to reflect your personality, values and flair?

Imagine instead if you could...


Discover & claim what makes your business

special, unique & appealing
so you can…

  • Speak more clearly about your business

  • Connect authentically with people

  • Be recognized for your assets & genuine personality

  • Make a memorable impression on potential customers

  • Market with greater ease & confidence

Storytelling is the key
to authentic marketing!

"Storytelling is the most human art form."

- Terry Pratchett

"The shortest distance between a human being and truth is a story."

- Anthony de Mello

"People don't want more information. They want faith, faith in you, your goals, your success, in the story you tell."

- Annette Simmons

“Listen, and you will realize that we are made not from cells or from atoms. We are made from stories.”

― Mia Couto

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Let's claim & proclaim your business' story!

“Brands are built around stories. And stories of identity – who we are, where we’ve come from – are the most effective stories of all. This storytelling is a powerful way to bring brands to life.”

Bill Dauphinais, Lucha Capital Management


Program Deliverables

6 sessions to include features such as:


  • The Big List of Questions About You

  • Discovering Your Secret Sauce

  • Discovery worksheets and exercises

  • About Page Alchemy training w/ one-on-one editing session with Gina

As if that wasn't enough...

Bonus Time!


To make this a deal there's NO WAY you can pass up, I'm offering some juicy bonuses sure to help you decide to invest in the success of your online marketing efforts! 


Let's claim & proclaim your business' story!


My original CONTENT MANAGEMENT CALENDAR & BRAINSTORM GUIDE to Online Marketing Content - so you’ll never be at a loss for words or interesting topics as you interact with your new and growing online community! 


FREE ENROLLMENT FOR LIFE at ALL my future online marketing trainings/webinars, + a bring-a-friend-for-free voucher to each. Once your in my community, we remain a continuing resource & source of support for your marketing efforts.


A standing invitation to REGULAR COMMUNITY VIRTUAL MEETUPS where you can ask questions and get feedback from Gina & other Creatives/Makers who are navigating the same waters & also striving to serve their customers the best they can.

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