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About Gina anchor

Meet Gina, Founder 
& Creative-Appreciator

Who is Gina?

She's me! I'm a creative who wanted to sell what I made online but who had to find my own way with NO marketing, technical or strategic guidance. It seemed like everyone wanted to work with bigger fish who had bigger budgets and more online savvy than I had. It was lonely, exhausting, complicated and time-consuming but I managed to forge my way through and out the other side having made some surprising discoveries like these: 


Marketing isn't...

  • mysterious, complicated or scary

  • manipulative or sleazy

I discovered that marketing is simply educating people about what you do and how you can improve their lives and solve problems for them. And that's right in my wheelhouse! I've spent the last 12 years as a writer and social media marketing freelancer helping people express themselves and their mission online. A storyteller at heart, I bring a lot of humanity and passion to my work.


It also isn't...

  • necessarily technologically challenging

  • expensive to implement

The technology I learned along the way turned out to have opened a new creative door for me; I found it fulfilling to create webpages, get mired in details and connect all the moving parts to pull together a well-oiled online presence. My inner geek has awakened!​

Shine a Light Marketing is the vehicle by which I apply my skills and passions to live out my life's purpose: To facilitate communication and connection, nurturing relationships and strengthening bonds among people. 

So why work with me?

I have an abiding appreciation for creatives and makers. As one myself, I understand the urge to share your creativity with the world. I also know the ability to do that is not necessarily part of every creative person's skillset. Matching that human-based passion with an aptitude for the technical and a strong knowledge of best practices, I take the stress, confusion and overwhelm out of marketing your creative business. You just enjoy the benefits: broader reach, customer engagement and sales.


I founded Shine a Light Marketing out of a desire to help creatives share the beautiful truths within you! I firmly believe that it's your gifts that are needed in the world - now more than ever!


I believe when creatives thrive, humanity thrives!

I look forward to helping you thrive!

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