Meet Founder  & Creative-Appreciator, Gina

I'm Gina Blitstein, a writer and social media marketing freelancer with over a decade of experience helping people express themselves and their mission online.

My passion (both personally and professionally) is communication and connection. I facilitate and nurture relationships to strengthen bonds among people.

I have an abiding appreciation for creatives and makers. As one myself, I understand the urge to share your creativity with the world. I also know the ability to do that is not necessarily part of the creative person's skillset. Matching that human-based passion with an aptitude for the technical and a strong knowledge of best practices, I take the stress, confusion and overwhelm out of marketing your creative business. You just enjoy the benefits: broader reach, customer engagement and sales.


I founded Shine a Light Marketing out of a desire to help creatives share the beautiful truths within you! I firmly believe that it's your gifts that are needed in the world - now more than ever!


I believe when creatives thrive, humanity thrives!

I look forward to helping you thrive!