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Shine a Light

on Your Life!

Everyone's life is a
compelling story...

Let's tell yours!

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People are
Far from Ordinary!

Let's tell the story of an extraordinary life!

It's downright unfair that only “famous people” have biographies written about them. The closest the average person gets to a biography is an obituary (which says as much about them as their grocery list). How sad! 


Let’s change that! Famous people aren’t the only people who inspire, entertain, teach and astound us. Everyone has a story worth telling - a story that could touch countless lives!


What most people don’t know is how to find their story; how to step into the main character role and claim their place in the spotlight as the awesome human they are. 


It’s a good thing that I know how

to do just that!


An Opportunity
to Honor

Imagine reading a real page-turner, being impressed, touched, amazed by what the protagonist - the main character - does, accomplishes, dreams of, in their human-sized life AND realizing that this person could be any one of us


(and what if that protagonist is your Mom or Dad?)...

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This Mother's Day
& Father's Day...

Shine a Light on Their Life!

Your parent is more than “just the facts” - they’ve got their personality, their quirks, their memories, their inside jokes. What makes them light up? What infuriates them? How have they dealt with challenges and adversity? What are they most proud of? Who do they take after? What have they had to walk away from for their own good? What lesson(s) did they teach you? How do they want to be remembered?


Looking for a meaningful Mother’s or Father’s Day Gift?


Honor your Mom and/or your Dad with an expression of their life’s precious message. Give them (or gift your family with) an insightful, respectful and impactful story written about, and inspired by them.


What you get

Give a gift that matters this year!

Original, biographical story, written by professional writer Gina Blitstein, telling the story of your parent’s legacy with warmth, humanity and integrity.




.pdf presentation of Mom’s or Dad’s story, suitable for printing


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Ready to get the story started?

Call 708-217-1586


  • Why should I have you write my parent's story?
    Every person, no matter how "ordinary," fills bigger shoes, casts a longer shadow, makes a deeper impact than they imagine. While most of us tend to think that there's nothing particularly special or extraordinary about us, that isn't true. I believe that in every life there is a story worth telling that will inspire, comfort, embolden or propel another; that in living our life, we prove to someone else they are not alone and that there is always a reason for hope. It's only right and fitting, then, that those stories (that we're usually so busy living to notice), get called forth and urged into the sunlight where they can shine on and encourage, delight and promote unity among their fellow humans. It's my privilege to be part of that process - to unearth a person's story and help them (and others) see them as the main character of their one-of-a-kind life story. It's my privilege to be part of the process of giving this beautiful and powerful gift of dignity to humanity.
  • How does the process of writing my parent's story work?
    I obviously need to get to know the Mom or Dad so the process begins with research on the subject of the story. If it's a surprise for the recipient, I would work with those who know the person. If it's not a surprise, I would work directly with the subject. Don't be turned off by the word research, okay? The research I do is fun; it includes some worksheets, lists, ranking, some brainstorming - and some enjoyable interviews that are more like informal chats. All that is the means to collect the information about and feel the "vibe" of the subject so their personality can really shine and the story can be as enthralling, relatable and authentic as possible. Once I've gathered what I need, the writing begins. I'll share a first draft so you can get a feel for the project and provide feedback. I'll take another pass at it incorporating your comments, and once you sign off that the project is to your liking, I provide a file with the completed story.
  • How long does it take to get a story written?
    Not to sound cagy, but it depends on the scope of the story. Writing isn't something easily quantified. Some of the time is spent outlining; some in thought; and some at the keyboard. In broad strokes, I can say around four weeks. If there is any reason I think it would take longer, I'd let you know upfront.

About Me

Gina Blitstein, Professional (& Ameteur) Writer

Gina here and, as always, I bring with me that “way with words” I was born with. And storytelling… that’s been a lifelong passion too. Written words and I get along a-ok and when that facility meets up with a passion project like this one… (to quote Lightning McQueen), “KA-CHOW!”


Check out my blog’s About Page to learn more about my commitment to storytelling.

Let's Get Started!

Contact me personally to begin the process of crafting a story to make your parent proud!



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