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Shine a Light on Your Life!

Story is all around us - tap into yours to reach your biggest, brightest potential!

The most complimentary thing anyone has ever told me with regard to my writing was a comment about a letter I’d written to my sister when I was in college (yes, we communicated via pen-to-paper once upon a time, many moons ago). In her reply letter, I distinctly remember her mentioning that the experience of reading my letter felt like having a conversation with me. While I’d never actually thought that I needed or wanted to hear that opinion expressed to me, upon reading those words, something clicked within my heart. I had done more than write a letter to her; I’d shared a bit of myself that made a connection that leapt off the page. I loved that she’d noticed a certain something in my writing that transcended the normal letter content of:

Dear Sis,

Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here.

Love & hugs,


Of course at that time, I didn’t know what to do with the knowledge that I could write the hell out of a letter, connect, entertain, engage… but it thrilled me to know I had that ability. I feel like a little seed was planted because of that acknowledgement for my “way with words.”

The written word has always come easily to me. Give me an essay question on a test and I was off to the races! Any opportunity to show what I know, think or believe transports me to my happy place where I’m at my personal best and feeling comfortable, fulfilled and authentic. My ability to put words to things - even difficult feelings or confusing thoughts - has helped me find clarity and peace throughout my life. I’m a huge fan of the stories - the humanity - that can be tapped-into with words. Mindfully and purposely woven together, they’re like a magic carpet ride to understanding, trust and connection.

And I possess the awesome, natural-born ability to make that all happen… It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t use this innate talent to help people better communicate their own stories and to share those stories for the benefit of others. In fact I believe it's my life's calling to do so. Everyone has a story that can inspire, or enlighten, or uplift. If I can be a conduit for manifesting those stories into the written word, I am proud to take up the gauntlet.

Today I’m proud to be announcing a new branch of Shine a Light Marketing I’m calling Shine a Light on Your Life. I want to use my talent to bring your stories to life so you can reap their benefits for yourself. 

A powerful thing about stories is that they follow a narrative; they have a beginning, a middle and, if not an end, a trajectory to follow toward some goal. Human nature is hard-wired to communicate via story - it helps us accept circumstances, make sense of the present, and anticipate the future. Without story, things can seem chaotic and random - and that’s not a comfortable state of being.

We teach children big concepts through story. We sit riveted to our televisions watching the action or drama unfold in our favorite program. We deeply relate to the lyrics of a song that tells a tale that touches our hearts. It’s all story and it permeates every facet of life.

Shine a Light on Your Life is a pathway to uncover YOUR story so you can get out of your own way and experience a fuller version of your potential in any arena of your life.

I want to help you unearth the story that dwells within you: The story that your life has told, is telling and yearns to tell. Every life has a story; let's discover the story that tells the world who you are, what you stand for and why your life matters. Knowing that will give you perspective that will propel you forward emotionally, spiritually and professionally.

Keep in touch with Shine a Light to learn how you can work with me to unlock the superpower that is your authentic story! Sign up to receive updates to your inbox.


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