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You Do You!

Lessons from Frank Zappa about fearless marketing authenticity

In describing the "Industrial Strength" version of himself, Frank Zappa in this 1984 interview expresses the best description of personal authenticity as a professional I've ever heard.

Some of the brilliant highlights for me include:

"I'm a person who likes to do what he likes to do and has worked at it for 20 years..."

"...what I do is designed for people who like it - not for people who don't."

"I have no desire to inflict it on people who don't wanna consume it."

What I really respect is that he knows what he does best and he works tirelessly to "turn out as much of it as possible for the people who like it." Is Frank interested in listening to naysayers? He is not. Is he offended if his"product" is not your cup of tea? Nope. Will Frank change what he does to appeal to a larger - or different - audience? Hell no. He does what he wants to do, staying true to his artistic expression, without hesitation, apology or concern for what critics may think or say. He claims to be no more or no less who is is. Frank does Frank - fearlessly. What an awesome level of authentic self-actualization he could enjoy from that frame of mind!

This is precisely the radical, fearless authenticity I want to foster in your marketing. To unearth your inner Frank Zappa - the someone who is unapologetically YOU so you can claim and proclaim your true identity in the promotion of your business. Imagine... no stuffy persona to fit into; no pretending to know more/have more experience/be different than you actually are AND have that be the enticing story that people want to know all about.

Fans of Frank Zappa appreciated exactly what he did - his authentic self was enough to attract and retain their attention. When you do you, your fans will be attracted too!

Coming soon - my Once Upon a Business online program! Learn how to discover, claim and proclaim the authentic story of your business so you can gain enthusiastic fans of your brand like a rock star!

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