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Shine a Light on Your Life!

I heard a variation on this quote recently and it really made an impact on me - so I looked it up in order that I might properly attribute it when I wrote about it (I’m a stickler for proper attribution whenever possible). After a considerable amount of research, I was able to definitively determine that this quote originated from the ancient Egyptians - or the ancient Jews - or Ernest Hemingway - or  Al Pacino - or Banksy… Well, from whomever it originated, I thank them for the touching turn of phrase.

It resonated with a particular emotional weight because I’m currently living very much in “storyland,” as I build a new offering (which I’m announcing here and now). The offering is predicated on the very sentiment as the quote above; that, (unless your story is recorded in history books), once you leave the earth, you’ll only be remembered as long as those who knew you speak of you. That’s a tremendously sobering thought to my mind - but rather than be brought to my knees by the fear of my essence being so quickly forgotten, I was inspired.

I believe to my core that we are more than what our peers know of us. I’m confident there’s at least one story in every life that could and should be expressed. Often we don’t acknowledge it as we go about our day-to-day existence… but there is humanity in every single one of us that, when authentically shared, can uplift, inspire, entertain, provide perspective for, and encourage others. Every person deserves to have more than their “name, rank and serial number” recorded for posterity - they deserve to be unearthed as the main character of their very own unique life story and a light shone upon them for all to see. A story lives on with an existence of its own; its lessons and impact can last for generations - even millennia.

That’s why I’ve built Shine a Light on Your Life - an opportunity for people who don’t want to be forgotten once those who knew them stop speaking their name to have their awesomeness chronicled in essay form.

In the simplest terms, I will write a story from your life for you (or for someone else) that highlights what makes you the unique, amazing, inspiring, brave, kindhearted and/or badass that you are. I love people and I’m fascinated by what makes them act, think, behave as they do, making this a project that puts my writing talents to their best, most fulfilling use.

Who am I to take on the challenge of discovering and putting words to people’s stories? Well, I’ve been a writer since I could write - on the inside. My talent developed throughout my life and served me well, but it didn’t buy the groceries until about 15 years ago. That’s when I simultaneously started writing articles for a small businesses resource agency on the topic of Women in Business and Entrepreneurship, worked as a freelance copywriter for businesses and began my personal blog. That’s when I knew that my ability to put thoughts and ideas together in a compelling way was of value to those without that particular proclivity. And that’s why I’m so thrilled to have this outlet and to put words to some of the human stories out there.

I’m kicking off this offering with a Mother’s Day/Father’s Day theme because, well, who in our lives are more influential, interesting and story-worthy than parents? (It also gives me ample time to do the research, conduct the interviews and perfect the writing so these stories can be presented as a tidy gift to the appropriate parent on the appropriate day of recognition. I might not always need as much lead time but since this is a new venture, I’d like time to be on my side.)

Your parents deserve to be immortalized for their humanity - make this the year you give them the recognition they deserve with a story with them as the main character


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