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The Great Blog Crossover Event!

I'm a writer - a storyteller, really - both professionally and personally.

Here I write about how storytelling is a powerful tool for being authentically known and more easily liked and trusted by potential customers.

On my personal blog, my goal is to share and connect with others via story. I write about my life; happenings, opinions, outlooks, memories... the stories that make me who I am.

Today I posted a story on my personal blog, Once a Time a Time, that presents a perfect opportunity to share with readers of Shine a Light Marketing's blog how these two parts of my life intersect. It's my take on the subject of multitasking. It's a topic about which I happen to have some deeper-than-the-surface thoughts so, rather than writing it in a fleeting Facebook post, I commited it to a post that could be easily read and referred to into the future (which, after all, is the power of blog content).

It's a piece of the real me on the screen and a strong demonstration of the power of telling one's business' story (or personal story) to manifest unique and lasting relationship among people.

I invite you to come read (and learn) a little more about me!


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