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Why Me?

Despite the title of this post, this isn’t a pity party where I ask the unanswerable question of why has this or that tragedy befallen me.

Nope. This piece is about another way the question can be taken; as in, “Why (choose to work with) me?” “Why me?” indeed.

Being curious about other businesses in my realm, I follow many - and I do mean many - people on social media with businesses and/or programs that help creatives yearning to earn from their talents. I’m certain what they offer is extremely valuable and highly effective for their clients.

And while we, them and me, operate in a similar online space, I am not them, nor are they me.

Few, if any, that I’ve come across, offer the type of down-in-the-trenches, direct, one-on-one support I offer to creatives. I consider myself the grass-roots approach to marketing, from the website out. I, like them, coach and teach you how to market your creative business - but only after you have a website you love and that doesn’t intimidate you. Only after the mere thought of promoting your business, your products, yourself, doesn’t nauseate you. Only after you have confidence and clarity around what marketing really is (psst - spoiler alert: it’s communication).

I have lived in the shoes of a stalled creative, working jobs that didn’t light me up - that frankly held me down and kept me small, even as I sensed there was something (maybe my destiny) just out of sight, beckoning me. From there it was hard to see the path (or even consider that there was one) to get me to that life I could barely imagine. But when I did imagine it, I’d get glimpses of myself more fulfilled, more aligned with my passion, more…me.

When I finally took a step toward that elusive something, the path appeared. Kind of like when Glinda the Good Witch told Dorothy that she had the power to go home all along. I just needed to know what to do in order to move in the right direction.

I can be your Glinda - the one who empowers you to tap those heels together and discover that the life you long for is already within you.

So if you’re someone who is sick of stuffing your creativity into your “off” hours and long to make it a bigger part of your life, I'd love to have a conversation with you.

If you're not ready to chat, I'd love to email you from time to time with marketing inspiration and news about my offerings. Opt-in below to my email list and become one of my Shine a Light Marketeers. You can also keep up with the online adventures of the Chief Marketeer Gina (that's me!) on Facebook and Twitter. The links are right down there in the footer.


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