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2024: The Year of Your Business' Story!

If you were to think of your business as a story, how would it begin? How would it play out its tale? What would be the moral - or lesson - in it? What characters would readers get to know and love - and how would they resonate? Would readers recommend the story to others?

The fact is, your business IS a story - you may not realize it, see it or be able to recount it (yet) - but I assure you, it's there. I know because story is everywhere and always has been. It's how we humans have communicated throughout history. A well-told story does more than just relate facts - it includes the juicy details, relates to us on an emotional level and sticks with us long after the speaker goes quiet or the book ends. Story connects us to others, builds feelings of familiarity and moves us to action.

Instead of falling on deaf ears, going overlooked and ignored, generally sounding like this...

Don't you wish your marketing message did what story can do to engage and motivate?

It absolutely can!

This is the year that your marketing message can - finally - be a dynamic, living, breathing, fleshed-out, authentic and fully-written STORY. Not just buzzwords, keywords or empty words... A real story that builds and nurtures the relationship between you and your ideal customers who are ready, willing and eager to work with you - and all because you cared enough to share your story with them.

In a few weeks, I'll be announcing the official launch date of my newest program, Once Upon a Business - six-weeks to unearth the unique, page-turning story of your awesome business so you can more easily and comfortably market what you do.

To be absolutely sure you don't miss the details about the program, please subscribe to my mailing list here.

Let's make this the year your business tells its story!


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